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The Reaction Reflection Kit is a tool that can help children and caregivers better understand life challenges and their reactions to them. The front side has a Problem Scale (top) and Reaction Size Scale (bottom). The back side has a Reaction Chart. Youth first identify the size of a problem using the Problem Scale (top) and then identify the size of their reaction using the Reaction Size Scale (bottom). Adults can then help process and explore whether these “matched” or if it was an overreaction or under-reaction. When a misperception over the realistic size of a problem is expressed, this can lead to further discussion and understanding on why the child felt the problem was bigger/smaller than other people did. When the size of the problem and the size of the reaction do not match, the back Reaction Chart helps youth explore and identify a variety of potential underlying factors which contributed to their reaction.


INSTRUCTIONS: Choose a problem the child has had recently and, using the Problem Scale (top), have them move the included magnet arrow to the size they feel the problem was. Then move the magnet arrow to the Reaction Size Scale (bottom) to identify the size of the reaction they believe they had to the problem.


For general psychoeducation: To help kids understand that problems come in different sizes, as do our reactions, have them identify real life examples of small, medium and big problems using the Problem Scale (top). Explore times or hypothetical scenarios when someone may overreact or underreact using the Reaction Size Scale (bottom) and what may cause these reactions using the accompanying Reaction Chart.

Magnetic! Reaction Reflection Kit

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