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Online Trauma Reaction Cards 


Great for use in Telehealth sessions, this new online tool allows you to assist clients in identifying and exploring post-trauma symptoms virtually!  Available through a monthly subscription of $6.
Specifications: This is a website-based tool to be accessed on a computer using a video-based telehealth platform ONLY. This is not an "app."
Telehealth Specifications: Therapists can use this in telehealth by sharing their screen and clicking through cards while helping the youth identify and verbalize which are true for them. Depending on telehealth platform, Therapists may also choose to give screen control to the client to enable them to  click through the cards themselves.  For additional technical assistance with your specific telehealth platform, see your provider for assistance. Additional helpful links here: Zoom Instructions, instructions, Microsoft Teams Instructions, Simple Practice Instructions.
To Subscribe: Click on the yellow Purchase button. It will ask you create an account with an email and password, and you can enter in payment details. Use this log-in on the website for unlimited access to the Online Trauma Reaction Cards.
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