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The Family Feelings game helps caregivers and children increase emotional identification, expression, and connection! 


To Use:

  • Place all cards upside down in a pile and have the child pick a card and say which color box it is in on the Feelings List. 
  • Have the child share a time they felt this way (without saying the feeling on the card), modeling the use of “I feel ____when...” 
  • The caregiver then gets three guesses to pick the correct feeling, using the Feelings List as a guide.
  • If they guess correctly, they keep the feelings card and it counts as one point. Cards that are not guessed get placed back into the pile upside down. 
  • Take turns picking, sharing, and guessing.
  • The player with the most points when all the cards are picked is the winner.

Includes  24 feelings cards, Directions, and Feelings List

Family Feelings

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