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This download comes with the original child version plus additional Teen and Adult Reaction Chart!


The Reaction Reflection Kit is a tool that can help children better understand various life challenges and their reactions to these challenges. Children first identify the size (severity) of a problem followed by identifying the size of their reaction to that problem. Adults then help them process and explore whether these matched, or if it was an overreaction/underreaction (what size do they think the problem is now? What makes it that size?). When a misperception over the realistic size of a problem is expressed, this can lead to further discussion and understanding on why the child felt the problem was bigger than other people did, for example.  When the size of the problem and the size of the reaction do not match, the accompanying poster helps kids explore and identify a variety of potential underlying factors which impacted their reaction. This tool can be helpful for all children, but particularly for those children who have excessive overreactions or underreactions to various challenges.


DIRECTIONS FOR DIGITAL DOWNLOAD & ASSEMBLY: Using the link provided, download your purchased file. Print out and laminate both color pages (or glue to cardstock). Cut out the Problem Spinner and the Problem Spinner arrow. Pierce the arrow through the middle with a fastener ( ) and then pierce the middle of the spinner with the same fastener. Spread the fastener flat on the underside of the spinner.


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