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Brain Mates-Focus Pack is a fun, engaging activity to help youth identify, explore, and gain greater understanding over their inattention and/or hyperactivity in a non-shaming, normalized, and focused manner. 


Included: One Foc­­us Brain, one Focus Brain Meet Me” card, eight Focus Brain question cards - one of which is a Caregiver Card, one Bouncy Brain, one Bouncy Brain Meet Me” card, eight Bouncy Brain question cards - one of which is a Caregiver card, instructions.


Who Is the Focus Pack For? Children and adolescents who struggle with inattention, hyperactivity, or a combination of the two.



Introduce Bouncy Brain and then Focus Brain and read aloud their Meet Me cards. Use the visual aid of the physical brains to help explain that everyone has some bouncy brain and some focus brain inside them.  Then use the included cards to explore the various aspects of the youths Bouncy Brain and Focus Brains.


Card Game: Take turns picking Question Cards and answering. Therapists can answer generally, giving answers that pertain to an average inattentive or hyperactive youth. Points can be awarded for each successful answer when added engagement is desired.


Caregivers: When appropriate, include caregivers in playing Brain Mates to help them gain greater awareness, understanding, and insight into their childs inattention or hyperactivity. Consider involving caregivers by having them answer the Caregiver Cards or by supporting their child in answering the Question Cards.

Brain Mates FOCUS PACK

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