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The Five Senses miniatures set comes with five handmade and handpainted miniatures representing the five senses and two suggested interventions.  Each piece is made of reinforced plaster and sealed. 


The Five Senses Intervention Set can be used with or without prompts. See below for directive prompts that can be used.


1. Safe Space: Assist clients in building a safe space within the tray with the use of these 5 minis as prompts. Help them find miniatures that represent items/places/sensations which soothe and calm in times of stress. Process as clinically appropriate.


2. Trauma Trigger: Assist clients in identifying triggers for trauma reactions with the use of these 5 minis as prompts. Each sense can be explored with a focus on internal and external stimuli that trigger memories/flashbacks/body sensations of the traumatic event. Process as clinically appropriate.


*Each may vary slightly in tone, saturation, and texture. You will not receive the exact set in the photo."

5 Senses Intervention Set

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